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Strikein Comunity

With Strikein, you can build your own community.

Strikein is a free and well-integrated web platform through which you can create your own community and benefit from it in a variety of ways. Strikein provides you with access to a wide range of services, including e-commerce, online marketing, entertainment, and much more. To effectively engage your community, you need a platform that can do everything. The best community development process is possible with the right tools. Our built-in features will assist you in efficiently managing all levels of community engagement. Join us today to become a member of the Strikein community and discover a new world of opportunities where you will receive free crypto tokens, social credit, activity points, fidelity points and much more!

Strikein Social Media

Join Strikein and earn activity points

Strikein introduces an innovative social media platform on which your participation in the community will earn you additional rewards such as activity points, social credit, fidelity points, and crypto coins. Simply sign up for free and begin your activity by interacting with your social media audience. Each activity on your personal profile, page, or group will give you activity points. You may also get a specific number of social credits from your network for each interaction with their post or video, whether it be a like, comment, view, or share.
You may also use the social credit you've earned to boost or promote videos, photographs, or other types of material on your Strikein page. You can also convert your social credit to crypto coins and enjoy more benefits.

Activity Point

Like & Earn

Like, View & Win

Online Shopping Mall

Create a FREE business shop with Strikein

Strikein not only helps you to build your own community, but there's more! You may have a free virtual shopping mall in the comfort of your own home. It is a platform that connects suppliers offering business services and products directly with buyers and clients. It is a web destination that connects people and enterprises on social media and allows them to interact through a professional and ethical code of conduct. Strikein is fully equipped with creative and business tools to help business owners, freelancers, drop-shippers, and merchants create and manage their own online store where they can market their products and maximise profits without any capital investment or shares. Not only that, but you will also gain additional perks and added value credits in your Strikein online store.

    Advantages of Joining Strikein Social Media

  • 1. Access to Free Business Shop
  • 2. Buy and receive cashback
  • 3. Sell and receive cashback
  • 4. Buy and earn fidelity points
  • 5. Community rewards

Unique Fidelity Programme

Sign up and get access to our fidelity programme

Let's talk about our one-of-a-kind fidelity programme, which is simple and easy to comprehend. Once a Strikein community member has accumulated a certain number of fidelity points, an auto-generated fidelity gift box (FGB) will be created, and your fidelity points will be transferred into it. This gift box will go through five steps before arriving at the sixth and final stage. It will be terminated as soon as it hits maturity in the sixth stage. The FGB owner will get a reward at each step, ranging from shopping coupons to an Apple Watch, iPhone, or tablet, and a luxury vehicle as a final stage reward.

Build Your Community and Earn

Build Your community and get rewarded

Join the Strikin community and you may receive rewards and incentives on a daily basis. The more you interact with community members and participate in everyday activities, the sooner you will reach your goals and receive incentives. Every week, Strikin provides you with the chance to enter the lucky draw and win exciting offers and prizes. Join our never-ending reward system now and get started on your way to becoming the winner.

Sign Up Today and Enter our Lucky Draw

Exclusive rewards for Strikein Family!

We provide our members with multiple opportunities to enter our lucky draw and receive incentives and gifts of their choice. In order to get additional perks, sign up as a Strikein member now for absolutely free. What are you waiting for?

Strikein Membership Plan

Sign up to our membership plans and unlock more benefits

Sign up for free and get started with our basic membership plan. Once you become a member, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your package to earn more fidelity points and rewards. Not only that, but you can also have access to create additional pages and expand your community in your branded corporate groups, where you may market your items for free and earn additional revenues. With our free membership plan, you can get access to your own online virtual shop, where you can easily display, manage, and sell your products. We also provide promotional fidelity gift points, social credit, payback, and promotional ranks, which allow you to become a permanent independent marketing partner with the firm and achieve more success by climbing the promotional ranks ladder. The bigger the plan, the more perks you'll receive. With the higher rank, you may also receive a set number of social credits in order to increase the number of likes and views on your personal and corporate pages and groups.